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The World's First Interactive Virtual Dance Studio

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Here's a Sneak-Peak Inside What You'll Discover in

The World's First Interactive Virtual Dance Studio

Interactive Virtual Dance Lessons

The intuitive "Choose Your Own Adventure" interface of the Interactive video based lessons are designed to simulate one-on-one private lessons.

As opposed to just rewinding a prerecorded video, you can navigate the lesson to get the exact help YOU need.

Traditional Dance Videos

Anthony and Rose are exceptional, trained and certified, full-time dance professionals. There are lots of "good dancers" out there... but an instructor is only as good as they can help YOU look and feel great dancing. Their unique "Horizontal Approach" is a DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT over the same old tired pattern based methods taught by most teachers.

Live Streamed Classes

You'll have access to join multiple live classes per week just like you're in person at the dance studio.

You'll be able to follow along with the instructors live as it is happening and interact with the instructors and ask questions if you need help.

The EXPANDED Video Collection

If you like our YouTube videos, you'll love the X Dance expansions! We've added lots of additional content including: Leader's and Follower's footwork, a demonstration danced to music, plus various points of view such as "over the shoulder", "bird's eye", and a unique "leader's point of view."

Virtual Private Lessons

Everyone learns a little differently. Private one-on-one lessons may be scheduled with the X Dance instructors via Zoom Meetings.

You will have 100% of your instructor's attention and they will be able to quickly address your needs and help you overcome anything that you may not see that is causing difficulty.

The Full YouTube Video Collection

Our entire collection of YouTube videos organized by style in a clear, easy to track format. You'll know which lessons you have completed and which ones you have yet to finish.

You'll also have access to exclusive videos that are no longer available to the public!

Gordie B.

"Anthony and Rose, I have said this before but I want to say it again you two are the best dance instructors there is as far as my wife and I are concerned. We keep bragging about you to the people in our dance group and others that are not. My wife is 73 and I will be 80 in August. Some moves take a bit longer to catch on for us but we are persistent and determined to learn the moves."

Susan H.

"Thanks to you, my husband and I learned two-step while in quarantine. My husband was apprehensive, but gave in. We live in New York and dancing the two-step in Dallas is on my bucket list. So I found your videos and the rest is history. Now we are dancing every day in our basement. Thank you Anthony and Rose. Your videos are the best!!!!!

Richard C.

"Sue, my wife, and I make time to dance together just about every day for an hour. A lot of the steps that we do we learn from Anthony and Rose. They have a wonderful program that's easy to follow. They are two of the best dance teachers that I know. Take a chance with them. You won't be sorry."

Adia N.

"I love X Dance and everything it offers! It has been incredible to learn fro Anthony and Rose. They don't just teach steps. They teach the WHY which I, as and instructor, think is is important. Truly, thank you guys for an amazing product!"

Cory E.

"Hey guys!! I just wanted to let you know that you have been an amazing resource for me. I have been a Ballroom and Latin guy for 20 years now and have recently been teaching my students some country. I've truly indulged myself into your videos and have taken away a plethora of learning from your quality instruction. Fun to watch too! Thank you!"

Dakota B.

"I have to say that this is the best virtual training platform that I have seen. Thank you for the hard work that went into making those videos. The detail you guys go into is really helpful. I also think the horizontal approach is awesome."

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