Learn How With Online Bachata Classes


Learn How With Online Bachata Classes

The Bachata is a sensual and soulful dance that brings energy to the dance floor. It incorporates heavy hip-swaying and primarily focuses on lower body movements to add passion to the dance. Bachata dancing has four basic steps that repeat, which makes it easy to learn for beginners! Learn how to dance bachata with the help of the X Dance instructors.

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Bachata dancing was created in the Dominican Republic during the mid-1900s. The dance was a combination of Cuban son dance, African beats, and bolero music. It originally focused on loss and heartbreak, mainly being performed on street corners and bars in impoverished neighborhoods. For this reason, the bachata had a poor reputation. At the time, the country’s dictator, Rafael Trujillo, also publicly denounced the dance as being low-class.

When Trujillo was assassinated in the early 1960s, however, the dance became popular due to a greater sense of freedom within the country. 20 years later, the dance spread to the U.S. when many Dominicans immigrated over. The dance quickly became a hit and is still performed widely today.

About the instructors:

Anthony and Rose Lewis Dance

Anthony and Rose Lewis

Anthony and Rose Lewis are professional dancers, instructors, owners of X Dance, parents, and husband and wife. Their YouTube, Facebook, and virtual platform X Dance are the largest country dance instructional platforms in the world and get millions of video views per month. They have taught, danced, and performed on CMT, ABC, FOX, and taught celebrities appearing on Dancing With The Stars. Anthony is also a Gold Certified instructor in American Style Ballroom and Latin (Rhythm and Smooth).

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